Brussels must take action on behalf of farmers and the onward transport of Ukrainian grain

Hungary urges the introduction of EU progressive transit support, so that Ukrainian grain, stuck in Central and Eastern Europe causing significant market difficulties, can reach the former traditional markets. Brussels must take action in order to transport onward the Ukrainian grain stuck here, as well as act on behalf of European and Hungarian farmers – said István Nagy, the Minister of Agriculture, who met Mykola Solskyi, the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, at his office on Thursday.

The minister informed Mykola Solskyi that on Wednesday he had consulted with the representatives of the European Commission on the temporary import ban of Ukrainian agricultural products introduced by Hungary. From these items Brussels would put four (wheat, corn, sunflower seed and rapeseed) under the EU’s trade liberalization discount clause. Regarding Hungarian restrictions, István Nagy stated that the measure is temporary and was introduced in order to protect Hungarian farmers and consumers. The Minister also mentioned that Ukraine is a well-endowed agricultural country, it had the classic shipping routes by sea, so it could deliver raw material cheaply to the traditional markets. However, as a result of the war, Russian aggression complicates sea transport significantly, which is why the emphasis was shifted to more expensive land transport. As a result of cost increase, the products do not reach the former traditional markets. He explained that Solidarity Lanes did not reach their original purpose, the products imported from Ukraine did not move on to the markets in need, but stuck in the markets of neighbouring EU Member States causing substantial damage to farmers. Therefore, István Nagy urges the introduction of EU progressive transit support in the spirit of European solidarity, to help Ukrainian grain reach its former traditional markets.

István Nagy also pointed out that Hungary does not ban the transit of Ukrainian agricultural products through the territory of our country, it means transit shipments are still allowed. At the same time, the products concerned will be sealed at the border by the competent authorities, tracked using electronic devices and patrols, and their transit procedures will be checked throughout the country. He explained, we will do everything possible to make transit shipping the simplest and fastest way to all parties. We will continue negotiations to find a solution to the existing situation, and we think it is important to pay attention to one point – this is the relevance and importance of compensation and solution of transit to European countries.

The minister stated, measures that could solve agricultural market difficulties are being continuously examined. The Hungarian government always stands by Hungarian farmers.