Further strengthening of Hungarian-Algerian agricultural relationships

In order to provide a secure food supply, it is extremely important for our country to get to know Algerian production experiences and technologies – said István Nagy, Minister of Agriculture, who welcomed Mohamed Abdelhafid Henni, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Algeria, at his office.

The minister drew attention to the fact that there is a basis for strategic cooperation between Hungary and Algeria. In recent years, our international agricultural trade relations have been greatly strengthened. The minister highlighted that due to the climate of the African country, our country has a great need for its experience in crop production. In the field of research, education and plant breeding, it is important to deepen cooperation, which is essential for food security. We must develop as much cooperation as possible in which Hungarian and Algerian experts and research institutes can work together. The best investment is to exchange students of higher educational institutions, because along this line the economies of the two countries can also develop better in the long run. Nevertheless, partnership is fundamental in the relation to technological, research and genetic methodologies – said István Nagy.

Our country wants to include concrete projects for the next meeting of the Hungarian-Algerian Joint Economic Committee, he explained, since we can advance in practise in terms of cooperation between the two countries. In connection with the animal health challenges, István Nagy also talked about the fact that avian influenza is a serious problem for Hungarian farmers and causes difficulties in Algeria as well. Hungary is also open to the experiences and solutions of the North African country – he added. The minister emphasized, there are further opportunities in the field of sunflower cultivation. It is our country’s basic economic interest to access Algerian knowledge and experience related to plant breeding. In addition, Hungary is ready to share forest management practises with the North African country. The largest National Afforestation Program in our country’s history is taking place currently, correspondingly, we are ready to present theoretical and technological innovations to our partners – he added.