HUF 19 billion in support for the conservation of native animal breeds

Decisions have been taken on the 90% of grant applications submitted this year concerning the public summons for rural development called in situ conservation of the genetic stock of protected indigenous and endangered agricultural animal species, accordingly livestock farmers receive HUF 19.2 billion for the tasks undertaken in the maintenance of these species – stated Zsolt Feldman, State Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development.

The aim of the public summons is the maintenance of the viable livestock in its natural habitat, correspondingly to traditional animal husbandry and forage, including small in numbers, protected, native, endangered agricultural breeds and agricultural animals undergoing breed reconstruction.

The interest in support was beyond expectation. Significantly more livestock farmers submitted grant applications with notably higher number of animals compared to the previous similar support, reconfirming that there is an actual demand and need for help – said the State Secretary. Recently, in the first round, 1,720 farmers have been issued the documents about the support, with which they become entitled to the support for three years.

The State Secretary emphasized, this tender can be applied again, submission of new applications will be possible between 2-31 January 2023. The closing date of the commitment period is 31 December 2024 for all beneficiaries.