Registration for the 2023 Settlement Afforestation Program opens

The Settlement Afforestation Program launched by the Ministry of Agriculture is an important part of the National Afforestation Program, which provides an opportunity to create green settlements, promotes afforestation subsidies, in this way contributes to the government’s aim of increasing Hungary’s tree-covered area to 27% by 2030.

In the previous two phases of the program, in more than 1350 settlements, a total of 36 000 row trees have already been planted, for which the Managing Authority of the Rural Development Program provided HUF 1.5 billion in support. In the third phase, in the spring and autumn of 2023, 10 000 more row trees will be planted in settlements with fewer than 10 thousand residents. The greening of the settlements also contributed to the results of the National Afforestation Program, within this framework Hungarian farmers have already applied for the planting of 47 thousand hectares of new forest.

Participation in the program needs prior registration, so in the third phase again only settlements registering in advance can apply for trees. The registration interface will be opened on January 10, 2023 and available until January 20.

The planned process of application and implementation of the program begins with registration. Online applications can be submitted between January 23-31, 2023. This year 10 000 row trees will be available, of which 2 000 will be delivered in the spring of 2023 and 8 000 in the autumn planting season. Settlements can choose from 13 tree species, minimum 10 maximum 30 trees, subject to availability, that tolerate climate change and different inland conditions. Trees are container-sized or ball-bearing, with a trunk circumference of 10-14 centimetres and a height of 2-5 meters including the ball. In order to ensure professional planting, we also provide support stakes, covering mulch and protective grids for each tree.

The trees will be delivered between February and April 2023 for the plantings of the spring period, and between August and November for the plantings of the autumn period, provided by KEFAG Kiskunsági Forestry and Wood Processing Co., Ltd. The program is supported by the National Forestry Association, which for professional planting, in cooperation with local state forestry, also provides the presence of a forester specialist during plantings.

More information and registration interface: