Turkey plays a key role in managing market difficulties caused by Ukrainian grain imports 

Turkey plays a key role in solving market difficulties caused by Ukrainian grain imports, therefore, our country asks Ankara to contribute in the expansion of the Black Sea grain deal, in order to expand the maritime transport of Ukrainian agricultural products – said István Nagy, the Minister of Agriculture, who welcomed Gülşen Karanis Ekşioğlut, the Ambassador of Turkey, to his office.

The Minister drew attention to the fact that Turkey is an extremely important economic partner and political ally for Hungary. The relationship between the two nations must be further strengthened.

At the meeting, the Minister recalled that Ukrainian grain flowing into the territory of the EU has paralyzed the market, causing sales difficulties for farmers and posing a serious challenge to agriculture. These agricultural products do not reach their traditional markets in Africa and the Middle East owing to the closure of the sea route as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The transportation has been relocated to the mainland, but the established Solidarity Lane does not work according to its original purpose – he added. The situation has to be solved as soon as possible, the grain storage is full, harvest time comes and the farmers are tense due to the difficulties of sales – explained the Minister.

István Nagy emphasized that Turkey plays an important role in the partial opening of the Black Sea ports. Our country would like to achieve the further expansion of these capacities, the number of ports protected by security guarantees, and expects Ankara to contribute in this process. Ukrainian agricultural products should be delivered to their traditional markets through sea routes. The Minister also mentioned that the Ministers of Agriculture of the most affected front countries have a common opinion on the Ukrainian grain imports to solve the situation. Istvan Nagy would also discuss his solution proposals with his Turkish colleague.