Ukrainian inland grain corridor should be strengthened

Hungary supports the operation of inland grain corridor with all means

A global food crisis may develop if Ukrainian grain fails to reach the world market. Negotiations are required to start immediately in order to let grain carrier ships leave Black Sea ports. The situation that has arisen increases the role of inland routes. For safe food supply guaranteeing the continuity of Ukrainian grain export is needed which requires fast and efficient inland transport routes.

The Russia-Ukraine war threatens global food security therefore Hungary and the countries of the region have a joint responsibility to provide assistance. An important element of this is the operation of the Solidarity Lanes owing to Hungarian grain and oilseed imports from Ukraine have increased significantly. Another priority aim is to expand the transport capacity. Exemplary the amount of grain and sunflower arriving from Ukraine to our country through Eperjeske and Záhony increased from a couple of tens of thousands to two hundred thousand tons per month.

Hungary has implemented a number of railway infrastructure developments recently, a good example of it is the investment that has been carried out in Fényeslitke. However, there is still a need to increase transloading capacities and implement new developments in the area of the Hungary-Ukraine rail border.

Our country is interested in peace and ending the Russia-Ukraine armed conflict as soon as possible, which is the basis of global food supply security.

Source: AM Press Office